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Testimonials: Welcome

"I was in my surroundings. I was in my home and I did not feel intimidated at all. I felt at peace and was glad that they came. They were a blessing." -St. Vincent de Paul Recipient

"When the home visit team came to see me, I did not feel intimidated.  I was comfortable and we had a conversation rather than an interview.  They treated me like a friend." -A Neighbor

"My partner and I have been visiting neighbors for years.  Each situation is different, but it is so fulfilling to be able to help those in need.  Whether it is direct assistance or just listening to their stories, we always come away feeling good about what we do." -A Home Visitor

"Not until I entered the homes of our neighbors did I realize the depth of poverty in my community.  The most cherished moments of my week are spent as a Vicentian volunteer."

-A Volunteer

Testimonials: Testimonial
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